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Marie and Dick

This written collection of family history was initiated 15 years ago.  Many people have contributed information for the present document.  Pat Phillips is a coauthor as she has related much of the family history.  Mitra Cline has organized the information into a website.  Iris Eisenbach has edited major parts of the story to make it readable.

This is a story of the Cline and Roning families. It is not a genealogy document in that it lacks the rigor and documentation demanded of such a document. A goal is to see our ancestors as friends and not just names.  Each of these people had a personality and they faced problems much like ours today.  This is written for enjoyment of an audience unknown

Website organization

There are three parts to this website.


Mabel Roning Cline and Russel Cline are the main focus of this history. The first six chapters form a chronology of their lives.  They cover their early years, the stages of increased responsibility and their retirement. Chapter seven identifies ancestors with the attempt to identify the driving influences of their lives. The lineage is supported by genealogical charts.


The Reflections by Photographs illustrate the life of the present generations, primarily by photographs.  There are photos from the travel of Marie and Dick. There are many snapshots of family members 50 to 100 years ago.  There are present-day snapshots of our friends and family.  The photographs are grouped by topic but not sorted.


Large documents and marginally relevant material are put in the Appendix.  Some, like the autobiography of Paul Hunt, are interesting as stand-alone stories.  The appendix will include more family tree charts,  a guide to genealogy research, and reference to DNA research.


Information on the family history was collected from family, friends, and distant relatives.  The details have not been carefully researched compared to serious genealogists who insist on academic-like documentation.  This is a story built around facts.  There are occasions where accurate information is lacking and we have chosen not to continually interrupt the story with disclaimers.  Put simply, this is a disclaimer for the details of the entire story.

Verbal anecdotes have come from Mabel Cline, Dorothy Naether, Paul Hunt, Larry Burke, Paul Beckley, LaVerne Silcott, and others.  Major contributions came from Marilyn Roberts excellent biography of John and Sarah Brenner (See Appendix) and   Paul Hunt autobiography (Appendix).   History of the Abbot family is primarily from the genealogical collections of Russell Abbott.  Visits to the Family History Center in Salt Lake City, the Franklin County WA land records, the Dayton WA public library, and the Santa Barbara Genealogical Society.   We have visited the cemeteries in Walla Walla WA, Spokane WA. DeSoto IN, Muncie IN, Oslo Norway, and Yellow Spring WV.

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