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These documents are interesting but we don’t know where to put them so they are here in the appendix.

  • Memory Book of Mabel Bergitte Cline
  • Mary Rykhus Family History
    with Introduction by Richard Cline:
    Roy Anderson has generously allowed us to copy his book Mary Rykhus into our family history.  Mary Rykhus is the grandmother of Roy Anderson.Roy gives us a history of the Hanson family that immigrated from Norway to Minnesota.  The book is an introduction to the family of my maternal grandmother.

    Names will be confusing as Norwegian naming patterns differ from common US patterns.  Hans Nyhus and Berit Shelly had nine children. Hans son naturally leads to Hanson for sons.  All of the children adopted the surname Hanson.  Most of the family remained in Minnesota, near Mankato.

    Mabel’s mother, Tillie Hanson Roning, is a sister to Mary Rykhus.  Roy and I have common ancestors, Hans Nyhus and Berit Shelly, the great-grandparents of both of us.  Roy is thus a second cousin.

    Roy has authored two other books about family history.  The research and dedication continue to be impressive.

  • Paul Hunt’s Autobiography
  • Win Cline’s DC trip Diary
  • Dorothy Naether_Letter
  • Jacob Kline Biography
  • DNA Research
  • Methods of Genealogy Research
  • Birth and Death Records
  • Family Charts

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