The TwoClines are Mabel Cline and Russel Cline.

Please think of our ancestors as friends, not just names.

This written collection of family history was initiated 15 years ago.  Many people have contributed information for the present document.  Pat Phillips is a coauthor as she has related much of the family history.  Mitra Cline has organized the information into a website.  Iris Eisenbach has edited major parts of the story to make it readable.

This is mostly a story of the Cline and Roning families. It is not a genealogy document in that it lacks the rigor and documentation demanded of such a document. A goal is to see our ancestors as friends and not just names.  Each of these people had a personality and they faced problems much like ours today.  This is written to communicate to an unknown audience.

The initial two chapters introduce Mabel and  Russel. These chapters start with their childhood and follow them to adulthood. Chapters 3 and 4, provide stories about adult life with the increased responsibilities for farming and for raising children. Chapter 6 and 7 are years of retirement.